Saturday, March 5, 2011


I hate myself more than I hate you!
because I love you more than I love myself!
damn it!! did I say that!? are you happy now!?

even to get mad on you, I can't..
even to hate you, I can't..
even to don't care anymore for you, I can't..

oh, you know that!
you know me so well..
you trapped me so well..

I always apologize to you even though it was your fault!
I always forgive you even though it was so hurt!

but I'm sorry.. not for now, I can't..
I tried, I've been trying..

I just wanna say thank you for everything..
thank you for doing nothing!!
and thank you for love that you had been giving..

I did believe in love, but not anymore..
because love is just like another word to say bullshit!

f*ck you stupid cupid!!

I hate today!
I hate to know that eyes never lies..
I hate to hate you!!


WENNIE said...

uwaa..lagi galau banget yahh,,kak?=p

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